MoVe: More movement for the ministry

One system for all - the Federal Ministry of Defence is breaking new ground in fleet management. Its modern mobility platform controls the entire vehicle pool, brings standardisation to the fleet management of different departments and thus leads to a significant reduction in costs.

August 1, 2023

Federal Ministry of Defence

Initial situation



Based on the ibiola mobility platform, a shuttle function was developed for use in the ministries. The "MoVe Shuttle App" serves as a frontend for users and drivers and enables the booking, control and billing of individual trips. In addition, further features were integrated, such as the automatic and optimised allocation of vehicles based on route and GPS information, as well as the management of drivers and special reporting. The solution was seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape.

Benefit 01

Less empty runs

Eight departments have participated in the project so far, and the number of unnecessary idel trips has already been significantly reduced by pooling journeys. At the same time, the degree of utilisation of the vehicle pool has also been increased. In the final expansion stage, a cost optimisation of up to 40 percent is expected.

Benefit 02

Planned developments

In addition to expanding the project to other ministries, it is also planned to promote e-mobility. For this purpose, the entire fleet is to be gradually converted to electric vehicles and other sustainable forms of propulsion in order to optimally fulfil the federal government's role model function for the citizens. The ibiola software enables frictionless integration of e-mobility, for example by displaying the charging status and automatically calculating a corresponding charging buffer at the time of booking.

Benefit 03

Optimised costs

The targeted use of the fleet with fewer empty runs and increased utilisation, as well as automated booking and trip merging, will reduce costs by up to forty percent in the final stage of the project.

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