Open up for a strong partner

As a subsidiary of Energie Steiermark, ibiola is a strong partner when it comes to shaping the future of mobility - with smart software solutions made in Austria.

Breaking new ground together

We always offer the right solution for fleet management, digitalisation of company fleets and mobility sharing. State-of-the-art technical applications, reliable system architecture and high-performance technologies go hand in hand with customised service offerings. This enables modularity and scalability of the product portfolio for customers of all kinds - from small companies with one vehicle, to corporations with decentralized fleets and municipalities with emergency vehicles and car-sharing services.

For a smart connection

We are convinced that integrated mobility brings unimagined benefits for people, companies and the environment. With our products, we bring together the mobility offerings of companies, cities and institutions with the demand of users and put you in the fast lane when it comes to digitalisation.

Reaching the destination

We understand the importance of security in all aspects of mobility. The protection of your employees' and clients' personal data as well as secure booking and risk-free access to the vehicles are our top priorities.

Reliable Service

We know that the optimisation of a fleet can only work in conjunction with the smooth running of all processes. That's why we offer our customers needs-oriented service concepts that meet all their requirements.

Open up for mobility

Open up for mobility

For less effort


Digitisation is a big word - we turn words into actions and make digital concepts easily accessible to everyone. Moreover, we automate processes and reduce the time and personnel expenditure associated with manual activities.

With new forms of mobility


The way we get around and use means of transport is permanently changing. For this reason, we are already offering companies and public institutions an uncomplicated introduction to innovative forms of mobility and also support them in integrating e-mobility.

For our environment


Resources are precious. With our products, companies can successfully reduce their ecological footprint, save CO₂ and give more people access to sustainable forms of mobility through simple tools.

Our customers

Numerous companies, organisations and public institutions rely on ibiola's visionary mobility offer and customised service concepts.