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Whether you are a small company, a large corporation, public administration or a car-sharing provider - with our customised concepts for fleets of all sizes, we open up completely new ways to increase the efficiency of vehicle use and fleet management by digitalising processes, automating workflows and optimising utilisation.


Three solutions, one goal - ibiola's products digitise trip recording, fleet administration and fleet management and open up the vehicle pool for internal as well as external people. This increases the utilisation of your fleet and reduces costs at the same time.

ibiola log

Electronic logbook and tracking function in real time - the uncomplicated and quick solution for small fleets.

  • Electronic logbook
  • Live tracking
  • Trip documentation
  • Service portal

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ibiola fleet

360° digital fleet management - optimises utilisation and enables private use at the touch of a button.

  • Electronic logbook
  • Vehicle, fleet and location management
  • Driver authentication
  • Distinction official/private
  • Automated billing
  • Cost centre management
  • KPI reporting
  • Service portal

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ibiola share

High-performance fleet management - including pool sharing, keyless access and a digital booking platform.

  • Electronic logbook
  • Booking via web platform and app
  • Complete digital fleet administration
  • Keyless vehicle access
  • Digital damage report
  • Differentiation of types of use
  • Connection to existing ERP systems
  • Utilisation and cost optimisation
  • Service portal

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When it comes to hardware, all options are open as well: purchase or rent - it is entirely up to you. If the vehicles are already equipped with compatible hardware from one of our partners, we can easily integrate, too.

Our hardware partners

Open up for more technology

Basically designed as software as a service, ibiola also offers an on-premises installation including maintenance and incident management. Existing systems are integrated through connection via standardised interfaces. While the user frontend is available as web application and native app, the administration backend was developed as a web solution for location-independent system access.

Our customers

Numerous companies, organisations and public institutions rely on ibiola's visionary mobility offer and customised service concepts.

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