The 360° digital fleet

Sustainable, smart and efficient on the road - with the Managed Mobility solution from ibiola, Energie Steiermark offers its employees to use the company fleet privately, reduces the ecological footprint in the long-term and also cuts costs. Win-win for everyone!

August 1, 2023

Energie Steiermark

Initial situation



With ibiola, a solution in the field of digital fleet management and car sharing was found, that could optimally cover these highly complex requirements. As a full-system provider, the Austrian pioneer company ensures the necessary seamless interaction of hardware and software with existing systems. The result of the implementation project is the Energie Steiermark "Mobility Manager". It offers comprehensive digital fleet management and is easy to use even for users with no previous knowledge.

Benefit 01

Advantage for all

The advantages for fleet management are as numerous as they are diverse for the employees of Energie Steiermark. The various features reduce manual activities, enable the combination of business and private use of vehicles and the automatic billing of all costs to cost centres or employees via SAP. The system also provides valuable information and KPIs about the entire fleet for targeted control.

Benefit 02

Targeted use

For the use of the vehicle pool, employees have access to a guided booking process via app or web portal, which assigns the most suitable vehicle in each case. The selection is made according to individual parameters defined in advance by the fleet manager: for example, vehicles with low mileage are preferred and electric vehicles are allocated for short trips. Through this targeted allocation, cost optimisation and a more efficient degree of utilisation could be achieved.

Benefit 03

Less is more

The controlled use of all vehicles led to a significant reduction in annual mileage and thus to massive fuel savings. Overall, the vehicle pool was reduced by an average of seven percent per year and the number of assigned company vehicles also decreased significantly. The employees of Energie Steiermark appreciate the easy use of the digital service as well as the possibility to book and use the vehicles at any time and from any location.

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