Open up for a new mobility concept

ibiola share

It is time to rethink mobility. That is why, in addition to all functions of ibiola fleet, ibiola share also provides fully automatic sharing of vehicles and enables complete, digital fleet administration. 

Deliberately leaves traces

The conscious handling of mobility and the use of alternative forms of propulsion increase the sustainability of companies. With its features, ibiola share supports the optimal use of all vehicles regardless of the vehicle type and thus helps to reduce the ecological footprint. For mobility providers, ibiola share is the all-in-one solution for operating a car-sharing service.

Open up for a new way to simplify

Working ecologically and economically efficiently means using resources in the best possible way. With ibiola share, administrative work is reduced to an absolute minimum and thus more time for the essentials is available.


Benefit from state-of-the-art fleet management. Whether logbook or damage report, whether bicycle or car and regardless of where the vehicle is located - the completely digital fleet administration facilitates the entire management.


Take advantage of the targeted automation of a large number of processes. From billing according to different cost types and cost centres to the entire vehicle pool sharing, all processes run completely automatically with ibiola share. This is ensured by the connection to the existing ERP system and the booking platform.


Make your vehicles available not only to your employees, but also to external people. This works not only for specialised mobility providers, but also for companies, municipalities and public administrations that own a large fleet of vehicles.

Allround digital vehicle pool

Those who open up their vehicle pool to the public get more out of it - in every respect. ibiola share offers all necessary means and features for this purpose, thus opening up completely new mobility concepts.  

Costs and utilisation

Optimisation at all levels

Open up new possibilities for your fleet in every respect. Pool sharing for internal and optionally also external users as well as the targeted vehicle allocation enable precise control, maximise the utilisation of the vehicles and reduce costs.  

Organised simply

Booking platform

The vehicles from the sharing pool can be reserved by all authorised persons easily and without additional effort for fleet managers via a digital web booking platform or via app at any time and from anywhere.

No risk of loss

Keyless access

Keyless access for all vehicles makes fully automatic use possible, regardless of location or time, and eliminates any risk of losing keys.

Further features

Open up for more possibilities

With the numerous additional functions of ibiola share, you will always reach your destination.

  • Electronic logbook
  • Driver app
  • Fleet administration
  • digital damage report
  • different types of use
  • different tariff models
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Service portal

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