Open up for a new way to log

ibiola log

ibiola log is an electronic logbook combined with live tracking and tracing. Thus, companies, municipalities and public institutions know exactly which locations have been approached and where the individual vehicles are currently on the road.

Brings clarity to your records

When it comes to vehicle-based information, clarity is needed above all. With ibiola log, verification obligations and control functions can be fulfilled easily and without additional time expenditure.

Open up for a new way of using data

ibiola log enables fleet managers to collect information from all vehicles and use it for internal and official documentation. If detailed recording is not needed, the functions can simply be switched off.


Keep an eye on all your vehicles at all times. With the tracking function of ibiola log, you know exactly where your fleet is currently operating and can take necessary measures in real time.  


Which routes were used and how long did it take? The precise recording of the journeys serves, among other things, as proof of completed jobs and provides fleet managers with valuable information.


Tap the full potential of your fleet. The evaluation of the collected data helps you to use vehicles in a more targeted manner and supports you in predective planning.

More than a logbook

Besides the classic recording of journeys, ibiola log can do much more. Perfect for small fleets and anyone looking for a digital solution with the best service.

100 % tax office compliant

Electronic logbook

The vehicle-based electronic logging of journeys minimises the effort for employees and administration. In addition, ibiola log offers the possibility of an audit-proof and tax office-compliant logbook that can be used for official documentation.

All vehicles at a glance

Live tracking

Optimally utilizing a fleet, means knowing where the vehicles are at any given time. This offers more flexible operations, smooth processes and thus higher productivity. With the live location function, you can keep an overview of your fleet at all times and also know which destinations were reached at what time.

Always an open ear

Our service

We know that our customers depend on trouble-free operation. That's why our service team is there for you to answer any questions you may have around our products. In addition, ibiola offers further extended services around support, IT integration, service levels and availability on request.

Information that counts

Trip documentation

The precise recording of completed routes not only serves as documentation, but also facilitates planning and enables more efficient utilization of all vehicles.

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