Open up for new opportunities

ibiola fleet

ibiola fleet is the digital fleet management solution for larger vehicle fleet. Equipped with all the features of ibiola log, ibiola fleet offers numerous additional features that will unleash your fleet's full potential.  

Open up for a new way to move

Those who move leave standstill behind. Whether vehicle, fleet or location management - with ibiola fleet you can specifically control the use of your fleet and optimise its utilisation. Thanks to the digitalisation of the entire fleet management, manual activities finally belong to the past.


Provide your employees with mobility offers beyond work. This not only increases the utilisation of the fleet, but also the satisfaction of the people and promotes the attractiveness of your company.


You no longer need to worry about how to comply with legal requirements. ibiola fleet fulfils all guidelines, is tax office compliant and also meets all data protection requirements.


Decide for yourself what is important in the electronic driver's log. With ibiola fleet, the vehicle-based driver's logbook can optionally also be kept on a person-related basis.

Fleet management rethought

For all those who want to use the full potential of their vehicle fleet and break new ground to do so. With the features of ibiola fleet, digitalisation and optimisation go hand in hand.

Simply automated

Digital fleet management

Multiple locations and numerous vehicles within the fleet - fleet managers have to coordinate a flood of information at all times. ibiola fleet digitises fleet management and automates activities that previously had to be done manually.

Official or private

Clearly defined use

Anyone who is open to an off-label use of the fleet naturally needs the right overview. With ibiola fleet, it is easy to distinguish between business and private use of the individual vehicles. At the touch of a button, you can switch to the desired type of use, whereby the data protection of your employees is of course preserved in case of private use.

Integration into ERP system

Billing module

Smart optimisation uses existing possibilities. For this reason, the ibiola fleet billing module can be integrated into your existing ERP system. The internal billing for the private use of vehicles then takes place automatically.

Further features

Open up for more possibilities

Smart features, easy use, maximum benefit.

  • Electronic logbook
  • Driver authentication
  • Service portal

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